Before and After School Care

1. Before School Care

In 2016-17, before-school care starts 8/22 at 7:30 a.m. Doors will be unlocked at 7:30 a.m. Please do not drop students off prior to 7:30 a.m. This schedule will continue all year on days when school is in session.

2. After School Care

Our main program is led by Francophone Charter School after school staff and includes indoor and outdoor play (crafts, gardening, sports, etc.), snack time, and rest time and homework time as needed.

Francophone Charter School of Oakland is committed to offering an affordable after school program. Full-time (Monday through Friday) and part-time schedules are available.

2016-17 Schedule

  • 3:10 – 6:00 for TK & K (starting Sept 6) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 3:15-6:00 for grades 1-4 (starting Aug 29) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 1:00-6:00 for all grades on Wednesday

Students need to be picked up by 6:00 pm. A late fee will be charged per minute for late pick up.

This “regular schedule” will continue all year on days when school is in session. There will be no school care on days when school is not in session.

Program Cost

If your child attends BASC for at least 3 days in one week or 24 hours a month you will be charged $325.00.
Drop-in hours will be charged $12.50 per hour rate.

Families who qualifying for free or reduced lunch will benefit from a sliding scale on all above rates. These fees will be available in the office. Families must complete an Income Eligibility Form to determine eligibility (more information here).

Register and Pay via Kinderlime

  • Invoices will be emailed to you the first day of every month.
  • Every family will receive a unique four-digit pin code. You will use this code to pick up your child every day. No worries if you forget your code — we can look at your Driver’s License/ID instead.

Additional questions can be directed to

3. Enrichment Programs

Additional enrichment activities conducted by third parties will take place later in the semester and are offered at an extra cost based on participation numbers.

Financial aid is available for these enrichment programs to families qualifying for Free and Reduced Lunches (Families who might qualify for free or reduced lunch must complete an Income Eligibility Form to determine eligibility). If you are eligible, please contact the office for fee reductions and payment instructions.

Finally, while we understand that you are all as excited for these programs to begin as we are, we ask that parents not attend class with their children.