Join the Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing broad policies and overseeing high-level decisions that affect the Francophone Charter School of Oakland. The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility to oversee the program to ensure the school’s success.

The Board’s duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Appoint and remove, as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, all corporate officers, agents, and employees; prescribe powers and duties for them as are consistent with the law, the articles of incorporation, and these bylaws; fix their compensation; and require from them security for faithful service.
  • Change the principal office or the principal business office in California from one location to another; designate a place in California for holding any meeting of members.
  • Manage the financial affairs of the Charter School so as to ensure the Charter School’s financial stability and the continued integrity of its academic programs.
  • Monitor the operational budget and finances for long-term viability.
  • Borrow money and incur indebtedness on the Corporation’s behalf and cause to be executed and delivered for the Corporation’s purposes, in the corporate name, promissory notes, bonds, debentures, deeds of trust, mortgages, pledges, hypothecations, and other evidences of debt and securities.
  • Approve the construction or remodeling of facilities or the sale, transfer, lease, or purchase of real property by the Charter School and to maintain in good condition, and approve all use of, the property of the Charter School.
  • Adopt and use a corporate seal; prescribe the forms of membership certificates; and alter the forms of the seal and certificates.
  • Establish the job description, goals, and responsibilities for the school Principal position, and recruit, hire, and evaluate the performance of the Principal via a process to be approved by the Board.
  • Define or refine, consistent with the Charter School’s charter, the corporation’s mission, values and vision.
  • Ensure curriculum aligns with mission as outlined in charter.
  • Set strategic direction.
  • Develop annual goals for the Charter School and long range plans with input from the Principal, teachers, and Parent-Teacher Association.
  • Adopt policies to ensure that the Charter School and related educational programs are run effectively, legally, and ethically.
  • Serve as a review board if any complaint cannot be resolved through the usual channels of Charter School administration.

The Board also approves policies and other documents as required by state or federal law, especially pertaining to categorical funds. Members of the Board may also participate in raising funds for the Charter School and increasing public awareness of the Charter School’s work.