Dress Code

The goal of these guidelines is to provide choices for students and families while also reducing distractions and disruptions caused by clothing, making economic disparities between students less obvious, minimizing the use of clothing to signal gang affiliation and other risks to student safety, and promoting student achievement.


General Requirements

  • Plain, solid colors
  • No graphics (pictures or words) or logos
  • No commercial characters (e.g., Elmo)
  • No embroidery
  • No bedazzling (e.g., rhinestones) or other adornments



  • Plain white, green, or blue shirts (solids only, no stripes or graphics)
  • Any Francophone Charter School shirts (tee-shirts or polos)
    You may purchase them directly at the school or online here.
  • All shirts must be size appropriate: no tight or oversized shirts, nothing excessively loose-fitting or excessively tight fitting



  • Blue, black, or khaki pants, shorts, skirts
  • Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 4 fingers placed sideways up from the knee
  • Pants, long shorts, skirts, dresses and capris must be size appropriate; nothing excessively loose-fitting or excessively tight fitting
  • No sweatpants
  • No denim



  • Plain green, white, or blue sweater (v-neck, crewneck, or cardigan)
  • Plain crewneck or zippered sweatshirts, fleece, or hooded sweatshirt (solid only, no stripes or graphics)
  • Any Francophone Charter School sweatshirt (available online here)
  • Outerwear: plain colored coat (any color) with no graphics, characters, or embellishment



  • Closed-toed and appropriate for running
  • No flip-flops or sandals
  • No shoes with raised heels
  • No light-up
  • No shoes with wheels



  • Head coverings may be worn in class for religious or medical reasons. Otherwise no hats or caps inside.
  • Sun-protective hats for outside play
  • No distracting or excessive jewelry


How many?

5-7 shirts, 4-6 bottoms, and 2 pieces of outerwear are generally sufficient for the school year.

While any piece of clothing fulfilling the above criteria is acceptable, you may also opt for uniform-style clothing, offered by vendors such as: