Host an Intern

The school hopes to welcome new interns in 2017-18 through the French Embassy Internship Program. The interns will provide extra support in the classroom and on the playground, helping to connect our students with more native French speakers and provide more opportunities for small group instruction. Participation in this program is a tangible step towards realizing our goals around global citizenship.

But to be able to participate, we need your help!

Identifying host families for the interns is a critical component of the program. Would you consider hosting one of our interns for the next school year–or part of it?

In addition to providing room and board, host families facilitate interns’ integration in the community and play a key role in shaping their views on family life and education in the US and in Oakland.

Please read this page for more information about the program and to find out if your family can support this unique opportunity for global connection.

Who are the interns?

Interns recruited through this program are all educators in training who have worked with children. They have been vetted by the Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques, a subsidiary of the French Ministry of National Education. They come from all over France. Often times, they will have traveled, studied and/or worked in English-speaking countries.

When do the interns need hosting?

Our interns will arrive mid-August. If host families are still on vacation at that tim, alternative housing and transportation may be arranged for them until school starts.

Interns are ideally hosted for the duration of the school year, although shorter periods will be considered. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your availability.

Why is hosting an intern a wonderful opportunity for my family?

Hosting an intern for part or all of the school year will allow your family to connect on a daily basis with a native French speaker and learn more about French culture at home. Your children will learn about different parts of the world from the intern, and will gain extra opportunities to practice French at home simply by sharing the routine moments of daily life. Please note that all interns have excellent English skills so communication with non-Francophone parents will be no problem.

And above all, intern teachers will be a wonderful source of support for your child’s teacher and his peers.

How will hosting an intern impact my family in the future?

Relationships that develop between host families and interns often lead to long-lasting exchanges of friendship and hospitality. You may find yourself visiting your intern across the world one day! Children may also benefit from having an international friend and a foreign pen pal. Learning about another culture creates new interests in travel and international issues and a personal sense of one’s role as a global citizen.

What are the expectations of the host family?

Families provide:

  • A private room (shared bathroom is OK)
  • Three meals a day, including lunch on school days
  • Transportation to & from school (carpool OK), if school is not walking distance or accessible by public transportation.

Please note that interns will be working at school every day, so extensive childcare at home shouldn’t be expected of them. While individual interns will support and contribute to family life in various ways, they should be considered primarily as another member of the family. The participants are adults, and should be treated appropriately. Interns will need to know and follow the general rules of your home but should be afforded appropriate independence and discretion in decision-making and conduct.

For more, here is the Host Family Agreement provided by the Embassy.

Additional guidelines will be discussed in collaboration with the school, and the interns if appropriate. A meeting including all host families will be scheduled in August.

We are in! How do we proceed?

  • Please fill out our online matching form.
  • You can also click here to download the host family application to match you with an intern. Please return your completed form to the office or to
  • Feel free to call us if it’s easier or if you have questions at 510-746-0700.

What if my family can’t host, but we want to support the program?

Other ways you can contribute:

  • Host an intern during school holidays
  • Give interns rides — to school or elsewhere
  • Participate in our interns’ orientation period
  • Provide tips on Bay Area living
  • Welcome an intern on your next local outing around the Bay

Thank you for supporting a strong educational experience at the Francophone Charter School of Oakland!

Additional questions may be directed to