Meet Our Staff

Heidi Hughes — Executive Director

Heidi began her career in education over 20 years ago. She holds both a B.S. (Mathematics/Secondary Education) and an M.S. (Advanced Teaching) from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She has taught students of all levels, published a book on the socialization of new teachers, and received a Fulbright Grant for teaching and study in the United Kingdom. She is also an attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Indiana, having graduated magna cum laude from the Indiana University School of Law and practiced law in Indiana.  Most recently, Heidi has returned to the U.S. after years of living in Germany, Switzerland and Montréal, Canada. She headed up Operations at FCSO prior to taking on the Executive Director role. Heidi is an enthusiastic Global Citizen, speaking English, French and German, and is the parent of two Swiss-born Irish-American Francophones in grades 2 and 4.

Charlette Richardson — Operations Administrator

Biography to come.



Laurence Champomier — Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Born in France, Laurence grew up with a strong attraction and interest in foreign languages & cultures and started traveling very early in her life, as an “au pair” and a language assistant, as well as just exploring. She taught German at a middle school while earning a master’s in German literature and civilization, but decided to become a lower school teacher in hopes to be exposed to more diversity. She also moved from the center of France to the outskirts of Paris for the same purpose. She taught grades K to 5, and participated in a lot of project-based learning. In 2004, she was recruited by the French American International School of San Francisco, where she taught 1st and 2nd grades. She also took on the role of cycle coordinator facilitating bridges and consistency between grades working with bilingual students and top technology tools. She also participated in resource training across the country. Of her new position at the Francophone School, Laurence states, “I am now excited to be part of this amazing project that is FCSO where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive since an early age in an immersion program, in an education-for-all spirit. Working at FSCO is taking me back to where it all started, where the same chances are offered to all and where equity is the number one priority year after year. It is an honor to be working with a team that share the same values in developing the best curriculum for our students and new tools to address each of their needs in order to accompany the critical thinkers and responsible citizens in tomorrow’s world.”

Jessica Kishiyama, MA, BCBA —Director of Student Support Services

Jessi joined Francophone in February 2017. She holds BA and MA degrees in Special Education and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She holds CA teaching credentials from Michigan State University in both Special Education and General Education – Multiple Subjects. In addition to providing oversight and services for Special Education, she is supporting Francophone in developing a multi-tiered system of academic and behavioral supports for students in need. Jessi taught in CA public schools as a Special Educator before becoming a consultant for schools, clinics and in-home programs for children with developmental disabilities. She specializes in collaboration with IEP teams, creating individualized learning programs and providing function-based positive behavioral supports. She knows that “small victories” with students who have learning challenges are often really big, and loves seeing her students achieve new milestones. Jessi loves to travel and hopes to instill the multicultural perspective found at FCSO in her latest endeavor, her 1 year-old daughter.

Maureen Isom — Instructional Assistant

Maureen Isom is a native Californian; yet ever since her first French class in 6th grade, she has sought out multicultural environments. She studied a year abroad in Pau, France, and maintains ties with her host family. She studied Interpretation and Translation in Mons, Belgium and also taught English abroad.

After starting a family, Maureen became more passionate about early childhood education, which led to diverse teaching opportunities. Most recently, she had a fulfilling school year teaching French and Science to Pre-K students at the Piedmont Recreation Department.

At Francophone, Maureen looks forward to working with individual or small groups of students with any learning concerns. She also will contribute her energy to the BASC program.

When not helping to create global citizens at school, you can find her cultivating humor and kindness in her own three children or playing ultimate frisbee.

Vincent Aimé — Francophone Teacher, Kindergarten

Vincent was born in Paris and raised near Orléans in France. He studied German at the University of Orléans. He spent two years in Germany working as a French assistant. Then he returned to France to become a teacher. he has over 10 years of experience teaching in a primary school. He loves his job and always makes his best to ensure a positive and safe learning environment for the children to enable them to achieve their maximum potential. Out of school, Vincent loves sports and especially tennis. He enjoys traveling, visiting new places, going out for meals. He is very excited to contribute to the future of the Francophone Charter School of Oakland and to develop his teaching career in this new and outstanding school!

Manon Rossi-Janes — Francophone Teacher, Kindergarten

Manon was born in Fontainebleau, France, a multicultural city with a global outlook (for instance through its prestigious business school of INSEAD), she first lived abroad as a student in Lincoln, NE, then Boston, MA. She studied History at La Sorbonne in Paris before turning to elementary education. During an internship at the Lycée International of Los Angeles, she developed a close bond with her host family, whom she saw again several times after that. After growing up traveling in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, etc. she got married and has now two children. Working at FCSO is an extraordinary opportunity to open up to the world and the American society.

Karine Geffroy — Francophone Teacher, 1st Grade

Karine was born in Orléans in France. She has always been interested in foreign cultures and education. She studied English in France and England, where she lived for 2 years, first as a student, then as a French assistant in a High School. After completing her degree at the University, she became a teacher and has been teaching in primary schools for over 14 years now. She likes to arouse the curiosity of children and to provide opportunities for their confidence to grow as they learn. To her, it is the success and self-fulfillment of every child in her class that makes her job so rewarding. Her interests outside school include reading, travelling and outdoor activities such as trekking in a national park or giving a try to riding. She loves to take care of her 2 sons and spend time with her family. She is really looking forward to meeting her new students and to joining the dedicated and happy staff of the Francophone Charter School of Oakland, and of course to sharing this fabulous experience with my family.

Monia Bouriga — Francophone Teacher, 1st Grade

Biography coming soon.

Frédéric Ntsama — Francophone Teacher, 2nd Grade

 Frédéric was born in Cameroon where he lived for 14 years. He arrived in France in 2004, where he completed middle school, and high school. After a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education (Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives, STAPS in French), he graduated with a Master’s degree in elementary education in 2013 in Tarbes, in the South of France. In June 2013, Frédéric passed the elementary teaching exam, and has been teaching for four years in the suburbs of Paris as a substitute, teaching all levels. Outside of general education, he is accredited as a PE teacher specializing in volleyball. Thanks to this degree, he coaches teams of various levels, in addition to his personal practice. He is also a runner. Finally he loves traveling and discovering other cultures.

Sophie Doneux — Francophone Teacher, 2nd Grade

Born in Namur, Belgium, Sophie has always wanted to become a teacher. After graduating in 2014, her first years in education triggered a lot of reflection. Her desire to discover teaching methods from other schools around the world has grown ever since as well as her desire to live a different life experience. She is a motivated, dedicated and altruistic young teacher. Adapting her teaching to students, particularly children with learning challenges, is one of her priorities. Her Bachelor’s thesis consisted of showing the advantages of parlour games as a tool to help dyslexic students acquire the French language. She is also passionate about the fulfillment of each child. In her class, she encourages listening, collaboration and sharing among students. It will be a real honor to contribute to the local education at FCSO.

Alexis Carpenter — ELA Teacher, Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Alexis is originally from the Bay Area, but relocated to Los Angeles, where she found her passion for working with children. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education, and learning American Sign Language, she decided to incorporate some of those skills within the classroom. She then began working in a fully integrated school, with children who have various special needs and behavior challenges ranging from mild to severe. After completing two years of training to become CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) certified she is now able to work in a variety of settings. In wanting to further pursue her educational career, Alexis decided to attend Pepperdine University, Malibu, and graduated with a Master’s degree in the Arts of Teaching, and received her Multiple Subjects teaching credential. Outside of working with children, some of her interests include traveling, dancing, going to the beach, and eating various cultural foods. She is looking forward to this unique opportunity to join the Francophone community!

Soléa Faure — Francophone Teacher, 3rd Grade

Born in France from a French father and a Malagasy mother, Soléa grew up with a deep interest in travelling and discovering other cultures. She first completed a business degree, but during a year as a French teacher assistant in Glasgow, Scotland, she realized that her vocation was to be a teacher. She completed a B.A in education in Brussel, where she lived and worked five more years, strongly enjoying the multicultural dynamism there. Since then Soléa has also travelled in some parts of South America as well as in Asia. In her class, she encourages personal development of each pupil. She’s delighted to join and be a part of FCSO.

Emilie Crofton — English Teacher, Grades 3-5

Emilie was born and raised in the Bay Area in a diverse, French-speaking family. She completed her undergrad in Québec, Canada with a degree in English and Communications. After completing her B.A, she spent three and a half years in the Peace Corps living in Burkina Faso, West Africa working as an English Teacher and community liaison in the Girls Education and Empowerment program. Upon her return, she knew that teaching was her calling and went back to school to earn a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction and teaching credential from the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute (BATTI) and the University of the Pacific. After working for two years at an Oakland independent school she was thrilled join FCSO’s beginnings in 2015.

Gaël Marimoutou — Francophone Teacher, 4th and 5th Grades

Gaël was born and raised on Réunion Island, a small French island in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, which, as a result of its history and location, has a great mix of cultures. He studied Anthropology and Interculturalité at the Université de La Réunion, where he improved his Creole as well as his knowledge of the history and the diversity of his island. A teacher since 2007, he has taught at the CM2 level (equivalent to fifth grade in the United States). Gaël is also a musician. He enjoys writing, traveling, eating and talking to people about everything. He also has a strong love of learning, and is currently working towards earning an online Masters degree in Electronic Music and studying the traditional music of Réunion Island. “I’m proud to come to FCSO and I hope to bring the Réunion way of living together in this multicultural school.”



Bouchaib Abdelhadi — Before Care/Lunch Supervisor, PE Teacher, After Care Music Instructor

Bouchaib Abdelhadi, a native of Casablanca, Morocco, is fluent in French, English and Arabic. He has over 14 years of experience working as a sub teacher at The Academy in Berkeley. Bouchaib’s true passion is music. He has had a distinguished musical career on both sides of the Atlantic. As leader of the Orchestre Abdelhadi, Bouchaib performed throughout the Kingdom of Morocco in the 1980s. Since coming to the United States in the early 1990s, Abdelhadi has been much sought out as a multi-instrumentalist and as a vocalist in Middle Eastern and North African traditions.

Princess Rhoades — BASC Coordinator

Biography coming soon.

Curtis Wayne Riley, Jr. AKA Boze — After Care Instructor, Art Specialist

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Curtis Wayne Riley, Jr., better known as “Boze,” began drawing at a very young age, recreating cartoon characters as he watched them on television. Boze attended the Oakland School for the Arts, where he started developing his own unique style of drawing as a teen. Boze’s style of art draws from a wide variety of ideas and subject matters. His works reflects a deep appreciation of music of all genres, social issues, and spirituality. Utilizing various media to create beautiful works that speak to the soul of all people, Boze has been commissioned to create several personal works, as well as design logos and cover art for local independent record labels and major recording artists. He has also illustrated two children’s books.