Public Documents

Francophone Charter School of Oakland Petition (incl. text revisions)
FCSO Charter Material Revision – Admissions Preferences (Approved Feb 4, 2017)
Francophone Charter School of Oakland Petition Appendix (incl. text revisions)
Oakland School District Decision to Approve the Charter School
501(c)3 Nonprofit Status Letter
Articles of Incorporation
Bylaws (Amended May 11, 2017)
Conflict of Interest Code

Education Protection Account

FY 15-16 EPA Spending Plan
FY 15-16 EPA Expenditure Summary
FY 16-17 EPA Spending Plan (approved 02/13/2017)
FY 16-17 EPA Expenditure Summary
FY 17-18 EPA Spending Plan (approved 06/12/2017)

School Accountability Report Card

2017 SARC
2016 SARC

Board-Approved Budget

2014-2018 Budget Report
2017-2020 Budget Report

Local Control Accountability Plan

2017-18 Francophone LCAP
2016-17 Francophone LCAP
2015-16 Francophone LCAP

Annual Audit

2016 Audit (1st Year)

School Resources

Comprehensive School Safety Plan (01/16/16)
Family Handbook (08/08/2015)
Employee Handbook (07/27/2015)
Enrollment Policy (02/17/2017)
Uniform Complaint Policy (11/17/2016)

In accordance with the Brown Act, all school policies are available electronically and in hard copy upon request. Please contact the school office for more information at or (510) 746-0700.

Title IX

Passed in September 2016, SB 1375 requires any public or private school, charter school, school district, or county office of education that is subject to federal Title IX requirements to publicly post to the school’s website by July 1, 2017: 1. The school’s responsibilities under Title IX, 2. Students’ rights under Title IX, 3. Contact information for the entity’s Title IX Coordinator, and 4. A description of how to file a complaint under Title IX.